Strengthen Your Immunity

Glutathione Has Been Shown To Help You Fight Off Pathogens

Glutathione a Tiger Against Viruses

Before we get into our main topic today on glutathione first some good news: A 35-year-old Seattle-area man identified as the nation’s first person with coronavirus developed pneumonia while in the hospital but has improved after getting antiviral medication , according to a report published last Friday in the New England Journal of Medicine. This is the first indication we have that the coronavirus is treatable.

Thailand’s Health Ministry announced Sunday that a 71-year-old Chinese woman who was infected with the 2019-nCoV coronavirus has exhibited a dramatic improvement just 48 hours after being treated with a cocktail of antiviral medications used for influenza and HIV.

Glutathione, on the natural front, is the most important cellular defense that allows the body to prevent and fight infections and disease. Gutathione plays crucial roles in the immune response, DNA repair, and the detoxification process that neutralizes drugs, chemicals, radiation, metabolic wastes, beats down viruses, bacteria and reduces toxins and carcinogens that are increasingly present in our environment.


Why You Need Liposome Delivery Technology

All of the products described here use Liposome technology for the delivery system for better bioavailability. Liposomes are double-layered bubbles or spheres that surround nutrients, helping them to pass through the harsh environment of the digestive system intact for better absorption and use by the body.* This technology makes the Glutathione, CBD Oil and all supplements in this product line superior to your typical supplements on the market today maximizing results and minimized wasted nutrients.

Premium, Targeted Ingredients Makes For Better Supplements

The problem with most traditional nutritional supplements is that their ingredients are combined with fillers, binders, and other additives, making them difficult to be recognized and absorbed by the body. They’re also likely degraded by digestive fluids and enzymes in the digestive tract. The result? Only a small portion of nutrients reaches their intended cellular target. For consumers like you, this means money down the drain and frustration that the product is often not providing the results you’re looking for. This is the advantage of Eternal has over other products on the market today.


The Power of CBD One

CBD-based products are quickly gaining momentum in the health and wellness world. So what makes CBD One different is a patent-protected, broad-spectrum, organic complaint, non-GMO, liposomal CBD (short for cannabidiol). CBD One is the standard bearer by which all other CBD products will be measured.

What is CBD One?

CBD One represents a shift in how the world sees CBD products. It's the one and only CBD product line your mind and body will ever want! CBD One is powered by CBD oil, a naturally occurring oil distilled from the hemp plant. It works by communicating with your body's endocannabinoid system, or ECS an incredible network of cell receptors that scientist have discovered is the largest neurotransmitter system in the human body. It is believed that our body's ECS is what allows the beneficial effect of CBD.